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If your home or business have streaked walkways, covered in dust, filthy, and parking lots with plenty of oil slicks, your guests and customers certainly won’t be cheery. It gets more inconvenient when gang members decide to paint their graffiti on your property! So, if you’re thinking that you want to have an improved home, shop, or office, improving tidiness is the key. Local high-pressure cleaners at Softwash Cleaning in Manurewa, NZ will aid you to attain this goal.

As we wouldn’t wish to cause problems in your home or business, we always have safeguards to reduce the risk of danger and damage. Other than doing high-pressure washing right, we make it a point to make the service quick and simple.

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We Offer the Following High-Pressure Washing Services

Commercial Cleaning


  • Petrol Station Cleaning: We maintain areas with high traffic clear from discolourations, spills, and oil slicks. Our team at Softwash Cleaning servicing Manurewa will keep your gas station clean for you.
  • Commercial Building Grounds Cleaning: If you have slicks on your yard, you should call Softwash Cleaning servicing Manurewa to have your office grounds high-pressure washed.
  • External Commercial Building Cleaning: Beginning with your rooftop, windows, drains, and up to your paths, Softwash Cleaning Manurewa will clean the exterior of your commercial bulding.

Residential Cleaning


  • House Washing: Softwash Cleaning Manurewa’s high-pressure house washing is excellent as our skilled staff will ensure that your home’s outer walls would be clean & not be destroyed.
  • Windows Washing: The high-pressure window washing brought by Softwash Cleaning Manurewa is viable for windows, and we will ensure that they will be immaculate.
  • Gutter Cleaning: If you feel that your gutters are getting rather messy, Softwash Cleaning Manurewa’s high-pressure gutter washing is the answer!
  • Roof Cleaning: All roofs will get dirty. So, you need to get your roof high-pressure washed by Softwash Cleaning in Manurewa.
  • Concrete Cleaning: Even cleaning concrete structures, you shouldn’t be concerned when it gets discoloured since Softwash Cleaning Manurewa will make it spotless!
  • Patio and Deck Cleaning: If you’re aiming to have your garden, yard, and deck to be washed, Softwash Cleaning Manurewa will accomplish it for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Organising a service with Softwash Manurewa just takes under 5 minutes. Additionally, our hotline is open day and night to address your needs.

 It changes between every circumstance. We have to apply a huge amount of work to clean the surfaces and want you to be glad about the results.

After we complete the cleaning procedure, we guarantee that you are 100% pleased with the result. In addition, our staff will show you around.

Most homes must be cleaned yearly. It is crucial in light of the fact that it will preserve your home’s estimation and diminish your spending for upkeep.

Yes! Power washing would make the estimation of your home to rise impressively.

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