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If you have a dirty, dusty, or muck-covered building, which may also have stained paths and car parks with a lot of oil stains, it gets worse when someone from the local gang decides to tag your building with their graffiti! So, if you want your building, home, or office to capture a good first impression from visitors or customers, you should make sure that it looks tidy at all times. Our team at Softwash Cleaning in Hamilton, NZ will help you achieve this goal.

As we don’t want to cause disruptions in your home or business, we always try to clean with minimal interruption on your property. We don’t strive only to make everything clean, but we also want to run the process without any hassle.

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We Offer the Following High-Pressure Washing Services

Commercial Cleaning


  • Petrol Station Cleaning: Keep high traffic areas clean from spills and stains, removing hazardous oil and petrol spills that puts your customers at risk. Our staff at Softwash Cleaning Hamilton will help you maintain the safety and cleanliness of your business.
  • Commercial Building Grounds Cleaning: If the external grounds are dirty and stained, try Softwash Cleaning Hamilton high-pressure washing to bring your outdoor areas back to a high standard.
  • External Commercial Building Cleaning: From your roof, gutters, walls, and windows, and down to your entrance ways or paths, we at Softwash Cleaning Hamilton will help you give customers a clean first impression.

Residential Cleaning


  • House Washing: The house washing service of Softwash Cleaning Hamilton is the best because our expert staff will make sure that the exterior of your home won’t be damaged.
  • Windows Washing: The high-pressure washing service of Softwash Cleaning Hamilton is also useful for windows, and we will make sure that they won’t sustain any damages.
  • Gutter Cleaning: The roof shouldn’t be the only one that you need to keep clean. The good thing is, Softwash Cleaning Hamilton also offers this service, and we guarantee that it will be spic and span in no time!
  • Roof Cleaning: All roofs, regardless of material, will inevitably get dirty over time, so the best way to keep it looking great is through Softwash Cleaning Hamilton’s high-pressure cleaning.
  • Concrete Cleaning: Even if it’s concrete, it will still get dirty quickly because of outdoor debris, but you don’t need to worry because Softwash Cleaning Hamilton will clean it for you!
  • Patio and Deck Cleaning: If the areas in your garden, patio area, and deck are looking a bit untidy, our team at Softwash Cleaning Hamilton will fix it for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Making an appointment with Softwash Hamilton takes approximately 5 minutes. Also, our lines are open 24/7 to answer all of your questions and schedule an appointment.
It depends upon each job. We want to take our time to completely clean the affected surface to ensure that you will be happy.
After each job, we make sure that you are 100% satisfied with our work. Our team will also show you around the area after the cleaning is complete.

The majority of homes will require a yearly cleaning for all types of surfaces. It is important if you want to maintain your home’s value and avoid spending for repairs.

YES! It is already an open secret that power washing can increase the price of your home by a huge margin.

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