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Roof Cleaning Services In Waikato And Surrounding Areas

Alongside many of the unique residential washing services that we provide, roof cleaning Waikato services are becoming increasingly popular for many home owners around Waikato & Auckland for a complete service alongside their exterior house, window and driveway washing

Roof cleaning in Waikato is especially important, as with the changing seasons and extreme weather you can get a considerable amount of dirt and mold building up inside and around the exterior of the roof itself. It also looks very unhygienic for the home itself. With the buildup of dirt including moss and lichen, it’s becoming an increasingly popular choice for many homeowners.

Similar to other home washing services, roof cleaning Waikato services are very important in keeping a tidy exterior to your home for both living in the home, or if you are putting your home on the market. If you live in the home, you will of course want the very best for when visitors, friends and family visit. It’s also better to have your home as hygienic and clean as possible if you are raising a family. However, if you are putting your home on the market, it is imperative to ensure that the home itself is impeccable for both the interior and the exterior.

Roof Tile Cleaning In Waikato

One of the various ways that we can clean your roof is through pressure washing roof tiles that are situated into the roofing itself. It’s very easy for dirt to get trapped within the roof tiles, making it very difficult to clean efficiently and effectively as a homeowner. That is why it’s important to have the best equipment possible to aid you in cleaning the roof, or professionals such as ourselves who have the most pressure washing tools and techniques to ensure a smooth roof cleaning.

Pressure washing roof tiles is also a great and efficient way to get stains out that may be harder to remove by hand. Due to the pure power that pressure washing roof tile tools are able to generate, dirt and stains are easier than ever to get rid of. Not only are they stronger than by hand, but they are also to get further into the materials than you would otherwise be able to using your hands and a sponge.

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Benefits Of Roof Cleaning

There are a number of great benefits that can be achieved with regular roof cleaning. Roof cleaning plays a great role in the preservation of your roof which can be an extremely costly job if it requires replacing.

Some of the great benefits of roof cleaning include:

Removes bacteria – Millions of bacteria can be found in between the shingles or in the valleys of your roofing panels. As it is so exposed to the elements and various other materials it’s very easy for bacteria and germs to build up on the surface. Cleaning the roof can remove the nasty bacteria situated on your roof.

Removes moss and lichen – Moss and lichen can cause major damage to your roof tiles. It can grow in between the tiles or shingles and cause them to lift. This causes internal leaking and can damage the roof and internal ceiling. In worst case scenarios this can cause huge leaks which can damage the interior of your home and result in a whopping repair bill.

Increases the life of the product – Roofing isn’t cheap. When we build a home we rarely pay attention to the cost associated, however, roofing can cost anywhere between $10,000 and $60,000. In the case of the need for a full replacement you can imagine the amount that will be needed to remove and dispose of the old roof and build and fit a new one. We would rather reduce your risk of requiring a replacement and work to increase the life of the roof you have.

Increases kerb appeal – Something as simple as cleaning your roof can have a huge effect on your kerb appeal. Roof cleaning is great for the functional aspects, however also increases the aesthetic of the product and increases your overall kerb appeal.

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Roof Cleaning Cost In Waikato

One of the most asked questions that Softwash Cleaning receives regarding roof cleaning Waikato services are the costs involved. Similar to other services that are offered, it’s hard to give an exact pricing without knowing the square footage of your roof, the distance from the office and the amount of supplies and materials that it would cost. However, we are able to give an average based on previous jobs completed in the area.

The cost of roof cleaning is dependent on multiple factors including set up time, travel cost and the size of your roof. As we offer free quotes, you should definitely contact us with information for your roof cleaning Waikato services.

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