Privacy Policy

When you visit our service page or hire any of our goods and services, you are automatically entrusting your personal information. Softwash Cleaning accepts its full responsibility of protecting your personal details while putting you in control. This privacy policy is intended to help you become aware of the personal information we collect, how we utilize such information, and how you can modify, delete, or correct your information with us.

Collection of Information

Softwash Cleaning collects personal information from clients when subscribing to our newsletter, placing an order, and filling out an online form. When you select order among the list of our services or register an account from our website, you may be requested to provide the following information:

  • Complete name or business name
  • Mailing address
  • Email address
  • Contact numbers, such as mobile number, office or home number
  • Project details
  • Credit or debit card information (for payment use)

When you create a personal account with us, you provide Softwash Cleaning with relevant information like your name and a password, though you may choose to add your contact numbers if you wish. We also utilize the use of email contacts to send you updates and new promotions.

Purpose of Data Collection

All personal information which we have collected from our customers may be used in one of the following methods:

1. Service Provisions

Softwash Cleaning uses personal information to deliver specific goods and services to customers, to process order forms, and to formulate service contract based on the type of service being requested.

2. Customer Service

Your personal information significantly helps us improve our customer care services. Your personal information allows us to respond to your queries and concern regarding our goods and services more effectively.

3. Order Processing

We use personal information to process orders, service requests, and payments. Your personal details will not be disclosed, exchanged or sold to any third-party organization for any reason without any prior consent from you.

4. Email Communication

The email address that you have provided for order processing may be used to send out purchase or service updates, project status, or billing statements in addition to receiving company updates, service discounts and new products through newsletters.

5. Service Improvement

We use your personal information to ensure our services are delivered and enforced as intended. At the same time, we use your personal information or service history to make enhancements or develop new services to our existing list.

6. Personalized Services

We may use your personal information to provide personalized or customized services, such as providing suggestions on what type of service may be suitable for you.

Managing and Updating your Information

When you log into your account, you can always review your information by changing some of your details or visiting your previous service history with us. We may also share non-sensitive information to our partners, including third-party suppliers, IT providers, and insurance providers, which seem necessary to deliver our services in an efficient manner.

We may share your personal information outside of Softwash Cleaning if we feel that disclosure, access, or use of information is reasonably needed to:

  • Compliance with applicable laws, legal disputes and governmental requests
  • Review or evaluation of term of service
  • Prevention or detection of various issues related to technical, manpower and business operation
  • Protection against the potential threat to anyone’s life

Securing your Information

Softwash Cleaning enforces different data protection tools to protect our customers against possible data loss, unauthorized access, alteration or disclosure of information we store, including:

  • Complete data encryption from collected data to project reports
  • Enforcement of security features, like secure Browsing and account verification
  • Periodic review of our information gathering system, data storage, and security protocols
  • Restricted access to personal information to Softwash cleaning employees, contractors, and agents where applicable

We enforce a broad range of security measures to protect your data when you place an order or access your information with a secure network server. Submitted information, such as payment details, credit card numbers, and project invoices, is transmitted through Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. These details are then encrypted into our secure Payment system providers database which can only be accessed by that personnel authorized with exclusive access rights.

To prevent a potential data breach, after the transaction, your information will not be stored in our servers for more than 60 days.

The Use of Cookies

Cookies enable our website to recognize the type of browser you use and acquire certain information, including all the online activities you have performed. Valuable information will include identifiers, browser type, browser settings, device type and mobile network details. We also gather relevant information with regard to the interaction of your device and browser with our services, such as crash reports, IP address and other online movements. We use cookies information to help us improve the ease of navigation.

Deletion of information

Softwash Cleaning enforces a safe deletion process to make sure that any personal information will be safely removed from our servers after the project. We also protect your information from accidental or malicious file deletion through our automatic backup system.

Cooperation with Privacy Regulators

We perform regular reviewing process of this policy and make sure that Softwash Cleaning processes your personal information in ways that adheres with the Australian Privacy Act. When we receive a formal complaint questioning our information process, we immediately respond to it by communicating with the person who notified us. We resolve various privacy issues with our appointed privacy officer, along with the local regulatory authorities.

This privacy policy may only be applied to all of the services rendered by Softwash Cleaning and not with its affiliates. It is advisable to review the individual privacy statement of every affiliated site you are accessing from our site.

Policy Changes

From time to time, we may change the contents of this policy without any prior consent from our users. If changes seem significant, Softwash Cleaning may send out an email notification, informing you of the latest amendments to this policy, but you can always visit our website and access our archive section for review.