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Alongside our driveway cleaning services, one of the more undervalued and overlooked services that we provide is our  Waikato-based patio and deck cleaning service. It’s important to make sure that all aspects of a homes exterior is cleaned to the highest standards, and alongside the others, patio cleaning and deck cleaning is becoming increasingly important. 

With the average patio and deck in Hamilton, Waikato and Auckland, being at least a decade old, there is a chance that as a homeowner, you haven’t yet managed to complete a deep clean of your patio or deck. There is also a chance that there are still stains that are deeper and more difficult to clean present within the patio and deck itself.

That is why a patio cleaning and deck cleaning service is so important. Rather than leaving it an extra few years, it would be better to clean both now to ensure that the build up of dirt and stains are still manageable through the use of both softwash and pressure washing techniques. Without consistent cleaning throughout the years, there is every chance that it will become too late to ensure a complete clean.

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Deck Cleaning In Waikato & Auckland

You may not have realised but your driveway plays a major role in the appearance of your home. It’s also is usually the first thing people walk over on the way to your front door.

Having a sparkling clean driveway, free from ugly oil stains, dirt and scuffs is a bit like laying down a red carpet and welcoming people to your home!

Next, take your cleaning out the back and make sure the guests sitting on your back deck or patio aren’t scared to take off their shoes in the fear they’ll get dirty feet!

Patios and decks are bound to have drinks spilt on them, sunscreen slopped, dogs running muddy paws from the backyard, kids dropping their dinner, BBQs splattering and so much more. We’re all pretty hard on our outdoor areas.

High-pressure Deck And Patio Washing In Waikato

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Decking & Patio Maintenance

Maintaining and cleaning your decking and patio regardless of the surface type is a great way to rejuvenate the space. There are a number of great benefits that can be seen with high pressure washing your external spaces.

Removal of germs – Germs easily build up on all surfaces over time. Surfaces like wood can trap germs in the grain of the wood and should be cleaned frequently to prevent ongoing issues that can cause illness or rot the inside of the surface.

Increases life of product – Exterior flooring solutions aren’t cheap, so, they need to be looked after. A quick and affordable spray with a pressure washer can help to actually increase the life of the surface.

Visibly appealing – Removing stains, debris, dirt and anything else that has built up on your floors is a cheap and effective way of restoring the area and makes it look more visibly appealing.

Removes extraneous materials – Removing extraneous materials from the area can work to prevent slips or trips, increase kerb appeal and increase the value of your home.

Revitalises space – Pressure cleaning an area can completely change its appearance and can completely revamp the space.

Affordable – Professionally cleaning your patio or decking area isn’t as expensive as you may think. It is an affordable way to completely rejuvenate the area and keep it looking clean and new for months to come.

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