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As an often-overlooked area, you’re guaranteed to see the difference with our Waikato & Auckland concrete cleaning services. We specialised in concrete cleaning alongside our high-quality driveway cleaning services. These two services do in fact go hand in hand, and you would be surprised at the amount of dirt and stains that can be removed through pressure washing driveways and others concrete areas around the house.

Concrete cleaning pressure washing services are becoming increasingly popular with building owners in Auckland, Hamilton and other Waikato region towns. If you own a residential property in New Zealand, it’s important to ensure that the driveway and surrounding areas are as clean as they can be, especially when factoring in decades of dirt from rainwater and weather effects.

For commercial building owners, the same motivations to clean dirty concrete apply – and in addition to general wear and tear, you also have to consider decades of foot traffic and the associated litter dirt as well. This makes commercial concrete cleaning that much more important for Auckland and Hamilton region businesses. Our Waikato based concrete cleaning services offer a quick, easy and cost-effective way to restore your driveway or exterior concrete areas.

Concrete cleaning for houses, shops and commercial properties completed using a variety of equipment and tools, just as you’d expect from one of New Zealand’s best pressure washing services. With modern technology and equipment, it would not be surprising to see 20 to 30 year old concrete constructions to be thoroughly cleaned using a high quality concrete cleaner like Softwash Cleaning. Years of stains and dirt that has effectively become part of the ground or building can easily be washed away through high powered and dedicated force.

As the premier house cleaning company in Waikato, it is important for us that your home cleaning services are both cost-effective, efficient and highly professional. There are many exterior house cleaning companies in Auckland that offer a good service at affordable prices, but Softwash Cleaning uses the most modern technologies to assist our highly experienced technicians, and we can ensure that our house washing in Hamilton & Auckland quality services can’t be beaten by anyone else.

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Concrete Cleaning And Sealing

One of the most important parts of a concrete cleaning service is the clean and seal. As the name would suggest, it involves the deep clean of the concrete or driveway, and then the sealing of the concrete itself after completion. Not only does this lead to decades worth of protection for your concrete or driveway, it leads to an easier clean and a much more pleasing product for the eye. If you are looking for a concrete cleaning service in Auckland or Hamilton region, get in touch with the experts at Softwash Cleaning today.

Concrete is a wonderful building material that has been used for centuries. It is perfect for use as flooring and is commonly used to build driveways in homes across New Zealand. Concrete has a great list of benefits however can look less than appealing when it becomes dirty. Concrete driveways frequently catch the dirt, oil and other residual materials that come out of our car and from the elements. It can be difficult to remove oil from concrete and can take a lot of time and effort if done using equipment and chemicals at home. If the oils can be removed from the surface, it is highly likely that you will be left with an unsightly stain. Stains can be much more difficult to remove from concrete driveways, especially using household instruments.

Concrete is porous so holds on to stains making them very difficult to remove. A professional exterior cleaning service can work to remove the materials that build up on concrete driveways and other concrete surfaces. Not only do we take care of driveways, we can also clean concrete homes, slabs and concrete blocks. Cleaning the surface can also remove the dust layer which frequently occurs with concrete surfaces. Our team are fast, effective and always achieve the best possible results. We service locations across the Waikato region, are flexible with our appointment times and will do everything we can to arrange a time which best suits you.

We take great care in the cleaning that we provide to our residential customers and aim to leave the area looking good as new. To find out more about all of the cleaning services we offer, or to schedule a concrete cleaning appointment, get in touch with us today by phone, email, or, by filling in an online form.

Concrete Cleaning And Sealing

As we don’t want to get in the way of your customers, we strive to clean with minimal disruption on your premises. we may ask for pathways and entrances to be clear of objects and block sections for the safety of your customers.

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