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Professional Outdoor Window Cleaning For Commercial Buildings

Softwash Cleaning specialises in exterior window cleaning in Waikato, Hamilton, and Auckland. Our expert team safely and effectively cleans exterior windows for commercial properties up to four stories high. Perfect for all kinds of shopfronts, businesses, offices, apartment complexes and body corporates, Softwash professional window cleaning services are ready to make your glass sparkle. We make sure your windows are crystal clear, offering your customers the best possible first impression.

Clients across the region love the cleanliness, professional look and long-lasting protection of a Softwash clean. Our window cleaning specialists in the Waikato, Hamilton & Auckland regions offer affordable and professional window cleaning services for your office or store. Give your property the most appealing look on the block with Softwash commercial window washing.

Professional Window Washing For Shops & Commercial Buildings

Softwash Cleaning provides an extremely high-quality window and glass cleaning service for a range of commercial buildings, including:

Corporate office window cleaning services

Shopfront glass cleaning services

Glass sliding doors on commercial properties

Cleaning glass fencing for commercial properties

Exterior window cleaning for business premises

Commercial window cleaning services

Double-storey building window cleaning

Multi-storey building window cleaning

When our team comes to wash your windows, we do things by the book for the best possible result. Servicing tall office buildings and apartment complexes up to four storeys high, our knowledge and experience in window washing and exterior glass cleaning is unbeatable.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

See how our customers react to our ultimate pressure cleaning services.

Why Choose Us For Commercial Window Cleaning Services In Waikato?

While there are other exterior window cleaning companies in the Waikato area, Softwash Cleaning offers a stand-out service, leaving customers satisfied every time. It comes down to the fact that our highly trained staff of experienced cleaners use modern technology to provide a much better window cleaning service than our competitors. We are dedicated to our business and our team, which is why we continue to invest in Softwash Cleaning through ongoing training and equipment upgrades.

We use advanced outdoor window washing techniques to guarantee the entire surface area of your window is cleaned, ensuring no corner is overlooked. With a mobile and hardworking team, we offer our professional window cleaning service across the Waikato, Hamilton & Auckland areas. We pride ourselves on ensuring every job is completed to the fullest, and each window we touch is left spotless.

Here’s How Our Commercial Window Cleaning Works

We will come and visit your property at a time that suits you, for a premises inspection to organise a quote.

Following public and EPA environmental safety laws, we build a plan based on your requirements.

On the day, we will need access to water and power.

We use safe practices and specialised window cleaning techniques. Our professional purified water cleaning system can reach up to four stories of external windows.

Our years of exterior window cleaning knowledge and experience means that all of our work is safe, effective and professional.

Once your windows are spotless, we reinspect the site to ensure everything is up to our standards.

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Benefits Of Commercial Window Cleaning Services

You can immediately notice the difference between clean and dirty windows. Similarly, you can tell the difference between one of our commercial window cleans and a second-rate competitor.

Prepare to see the results when a Softwash Cleaning team member has brought your storefront or office windows to life. Professional window washing can make a massive difference to the first impression your store gives to customers, and there are plenty of benefits when you choose our experienced team.

Overall Result

At the end of the day, you want a great result from your window washing company. Here at Softwash Cleaning, we pride ourselves on our extensive experience and quality work. Anyone could attempt window washing, but for a professional business to look its best, leave it to the professional window washers.


The Softwash Cleaning team are fully trained, licensed and experienced, experts in working at heights and following all WHS requirements. The softwash technology we use features a special soap solution completely harmless to pets and plants, offering you the safest external window washing process.


Professional window cleaning doesn’t have to break the bank. At Softwash Cleaning, we cater to all offices and businesses in and around the Waikato, Hamilton and Auckland areas. We can offer very competitive rates, combined with a small business’s attention to detail and customer service.

Increase Foot Traffic

A clean storefront is crucial to drawing in foot traffic and impressing your customers. People are undeniably more likely to visit a shop with a clean, inviting presence. Keeping your windows clean is not only going to draw more eyes to whatever is in your store’s window, but it’s going to bring more customers through the door.


Our team is equipped with cutting-edge softwash technology. Instead of using unprofessional methods and damaging your glass, we use state of the art equipment for a non-invasive and high-quality window cleaning service.


Having trained with leading Softwash experts like Paul Kassander, Tim Aselton and Nick Hopkins, we specialise in a revolutionary type of window washing that is quicker, more effective and less invasive than standard high-pressure washing.

Increase Life of Product

Regular outdoor window cleaning is the best way to lengthen the life of your windows. It may not seem like it, but caked-on grime and debris can actually harm your panes and will lead you to replace them sooner. A quick, professional visit from the Softwash Cleaning team can ensure your glass has the longest lifespan possible.

Can I Get A Commercial Window Cleaning Quote Over The Phone?

Most of the time, our professional window washing team can provide you with an estimate when you call us. Since each property and window is different, we will ask you a few questions to get a better idea of the work that we will need to do. However, for the ultimate peace of mind, we can always visit your property to inspect the windows or glass that needs cleaning. That way, we can be sure to consider all the variables and provide you with the most accurate window cleaning price

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How Long Will It Take To Wash My Office Windows?

The answer will depend on several factors, including:

Size of the building

How many windows there are

Size of the windows

Height of the building

If you hire us for commercial glass cleaning services, you will get a timeframe estimate, so you know how long the process will take. Because we strive to minimise the disruption to your business, we aim to work quickly but efficiently!

So, for outstanding business window cleaning services in Waikato & Auckland, get in touch with Softwash Cleaning. Just give us a call, filling out the form on our website or send us an email with your requirements.

How Can I Organise A Professional Window Cleaning Service?

With Softwash Cleaning at your service, organising a professional window cleaning has never been easier. Our friendly team is ready to discuss all your cleaning needs, from booking your appointment to setting you up with a competitive quote.

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