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Perfect For Concrete Driveways, Pavement, Carpark Areas, And Outdoor Work Areas.

Keeping the outside of your business premises is just as important as the inside. Not only is it the first impression your visiting customers get of you, but there are some health standards you should be maintaining.

Industrial cleaning, from your roof down, we clean every external surface to remove dirt, dust, stains, bird droppings, spider webs, graffiti, spills, chewing gum and more.

And we’re happy to work around your business flow – making sure we cause as little disruption as possible. All we ask is access to your water and electricity and we’ll do the rest.

High Pressure Concrete Driveway Cleaning

All driveways needs a bit of love and cleaning once in a while. Here at Softwash we do it all the time!

With our High Pressure Concentrate Driveway Cleaning, we can clean any driveway to look like its original self.

We use state of the art high pressure machinery to clean a driveway cleaner and faster than your typical hose!

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

See how our customers react to our ultimate pressure cleaning services.

Cleaning Concrete Pavers

Softwash Cleaning also provides cleaning concrete pavers services for your commercial lot, office parking lot, your home driveway and any concrete surface!

We have worked on cleaning pavers with pressure washer for a lot of businesses now and all of them are left clean and satisfied.

We perform pressure cleaning pavers with a state of the art pressure washer that’s both cost effective and gets the job done!

Here’s How Softwash (Or High-pressure) Exterior Cleaning Works

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What kind of first impression are you giving your visitors?​

If it’s a dirty, dusty, or bird dropping covered building with stained pathways, dirty windows, and oil stained car parks, it’s not great.

Or even worse – you’re displaying the graffiti tags of the local gangs!

When you care about the first impression customers get of your business, make sure you’re keeping the outside of your premises looking as tidy as the inside.

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