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About Softwash Cleaning

One of new zealand’s best softwash cleaning companies

Callum has trained with the best in the business, including leading American softwash experts, Paul Kassander & Tim Aselton, along with Australia’s expert Nick Hopkins of Softwash Australia. Our specialty lies in softwash cleaning, as well as meeting all your exterior commercial cleaning needs.
Pressure washing a dirty walkway in Waikato.

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Everyone knows what high-pressure washing involves – hitting something full strength with high water pressure.

Well, softwash cleaning is the opposite! And although it’s a new concept in New Zealand, it’s been widely used in the UK and USA for over 20 years.

Using a special formula soap (that’s perfectly safe for pets and plants), surfaces are gently sprayed. After leaving it to do its magic, a low-pressure hose is used to rinse off the surface, leaving you with a fresh and clean surface.

It’s perfect for all surfaces and a great alternative to traditional high-pressure washing methods.

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One Of New Zealand’s Best Softwash Cleaning Companies

Callum Works With Residential And Commercial Clients Across Auckland & The Hamilton Region

high-pressure washing

Removes loose paint, oil stains, mould, grime, dust, mud, chewing gum and dirt


An environmentally safe solution is sprayed followed by a low-pressure rinse

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